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Beer Tasting at Borderlands Brewing

Pati Jinich meets Ayla Kapahi, the first female head brewer in Arizona, to try some of the creative craft beers she’s brewing with local ingredients, like the Tohono O'odham 60-day corn, at Borderlands Brewing Company in Tucson, Arizona.

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Tucson Foodie

BORDERLANDS Brewing concept 'Borderlands North' to open in March 

Es Teran of Borderlands Brewing Company, and the crews at each of the establishments have been making a lot of moves as of late. First, the new restaurant/taproom concept opened in the Sam Hughes neighborhood in January of this year. Next up: a brand-new restaurant concept in the Foothills.

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This is Tucson

Borderlands Brewing celebrates Mexican craft beer with another collaboration

Ayla Kapahi and her Borderlands colleagues had road-tripped from Tucson to San Carlos, Sonora, for a collaborative brewing experiment, in partnership with Marvida, San Carlos’ first — and so far, only — brewery.

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Craft Beer & Brewing

Borderlands Brewing Special ingridient:

Prickly Pear

Ayla Kapahi, head brewer at Borderlands in Tucson, Arizona, shares this recipe for their easy-drinking wheat beer with German aroma hops, some light fruity esters, and a Southwestern twist: the addition of prickly pear.

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Time Magazine



Tucson Weekly

Las Hermanas binational brewing project 


Tucson Foodie

Borderlands & Boca's Maria Mazon are cookin' up 3 new concepts

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Tucson Weekly 

Birds & beer: Borderlands Brewing’s ‘Rain Crow IPA’ illustrates the vital connection


Who We Are

Borderlands Brewing Company, established in 2010, is a Tucson-based brewery with a rich history and a deep commitment to its local community. Nestled within a century-old building along the Tucson railroad tracks, this brewery has become a beacon of Southwestern-inspired craft beers and a symbol of Tucson's vibrant culture. In recognition of its remarkable contributions, TIME Magazine listed Borderlands Brewing as one of the "World's Greatest Places to Visit in 2023."


Borderlands Brewing is more than just a brewery; it's a cornerstone of Tucson's culinary and cultural scene. This establishment was certified by the Tucson City of Gastronomy, which manages the city's UNESCO designation, as one of Tucson's first beverage artisans. It earned this distinction through its dedication to crafting Southwestern-inspired craft beers that capture the soul of the Sonoran Desert.


In a testament to its culinary innovation, Borderlands Brewing is set to open several new dining concepts including Borderlands Brewing North at River and Craycroft and a Agave Distillery in Downtown Tucson named Sonora Moonshine Company. This exciting partnership promises to elevate Tucson's dining experience while maintaining the brewery's commitment to excellence.


In 2018, Borderlands Brewing Company made history by forming Arizona's first brewery co-op. This initiative allowed the brewery to expand its production by sharing a spacious warehouse on Toole Avenue in Tucson. This pioneering move demonstrated Borderlands Brewing's dedication to collaboration and innovation within the brewing community.


Borderlands Brewing Company is more than a brewery; it's a hub for community engagement. The brewery's mission is to provide top-quality craft beer while serving as a thought leader in the Southern Arizona brewing community. This commitment is evidenced by the brewery's active involvement in various community projects and events.


Borderlands Brewing is deeply committed to sustainability. The brewery prioritizes the use of local ingredients whenever possible, supporting local growers and businesses. By implementing sustainable practices and promoting sustainability education, Borderlands Brewing is taking a proactive role in preserving the environment.


Over the years, Borderlands Brewing Company has garnered significant attention from the media. It has been featured in prominent publications such as PBS, New York Times, Food & Travel Magazine, Brewers Journal Canada, El Universal Mexico, Arizona Daily Star, Inside Tucson Media, and many others. These accolades reflect the brewery's enduring impact on the local and global brewing landscape.


As Borderlands Brewing Company continues to evolve and innovate, it remains dedicated to providing exceptional craft beer, fostering community connections, and championing sustainability in the brewing industry. Its participation as the first-ever brewery at Tucson Meet Yourself's 50th anniversary event is a testament to its commitment to celebrating the rich cultural tapestry of Tucson while offering a unique beer experience to the community.

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